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Thursday, November 18, 2010

E-day peparation


Lame dah x wat entry utk blog ni..nape?sebab terlalu busy..nampak cm tipu kn??ahahahaha...actually xtipu.but i'm busy kerana:

  1.  work (of course la kn?)
  2. engagement preparation
  3. my new home (actually aku beli umah sblh umah a gift for them.hehe)
  4. my new shopping blog / business (
So juggling between keje,umah,engagement preparation,umah baru and my new business..i totally forgot to update these blog.but don't worry.i'm back! this blog is dedicated to everything nice that happen in my life, i will update latest happenings in my life!(the nice one.of course!hehe)

Firstly for my new home (or our new extended home) room is almost ready.hehe..wall colour?actually i choose peach+baby blue but ms my dad pegi beli cat i xde then last2 bilik 2 jadi kaler oren+baby blue.luv the baby blue but not the orange. my dad tgk i cam merajuk because the colour xmatch lgsg then utk pujuk die beli lg white paint then mix with the orange.sudahnye dapat kaler yg lite sket.although not my 1st choice but i'm ok with it! :)

For furniture da susun but still xabis kemas lg.maklumlah..busy kn?hehe..smlm i went 2 SSF Home Deco and suddenly i'm interested in this 1 mirror ball ala2 disco gitu.nasib baik xleh gantung yg bsr pny sbb nmpk terlalu merepek.but i did buy a small one then gantung kat tingkap.heheh... ;)

*will find time to upload pic of my new room + living room (i heart the colour!!lite blue+tropicana green).but after da siap kemas bilik la.skrg,,tgh sepah way!!hehe

Semalam tgh pk2 idea nak wat bakul hntrn tibe2 leh blackout lak.sampai kul 5pg lak 2!(but i still manage 2 sleep soundly,no worries.hehe) dlm glp2 2 me & my lil sis pn borak2.tibe2 my sis cakap "eh.xcaye akak nak tunang my mind akak still lagi student skolah pakai kain turqoise 2"..(well.gile ke?ko pn da form 4 xkan akak yg tua 7 thn ni still skolah gak.hahaha)

Bile fikir2 balik..mmg betul kot?i used to say 2 him "cm xcaye la..feels like u r still the same 19 year old boy i met in uitm 6 years ago.u xmatured lgsg!haha" to which he will reply... "aah.awak pn still the same budak gemok 17 tahun yg saye jumpe 6years ago.xberubah pn"...senget betul!!hehe..but its true.he met me when i was still fat & chubby. 6 years ago. and he stayed, watch me transform into who i am now. well..i lose the weight but still have my witty & charm (ecehhh..prsn!haha)

Next entry i will update on my engagement preparation, story mory & engagement outfit!!ehehehe.... =)

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