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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mode : Sedey..

Sgt sedey bile ade org khianati kite kn?Tidak..jgn risau.bukan Mr Fiance yang khianati saye.. Although mode arini dipengaruhi oleh die jugak..First of all, i got engaged secretly. At least secretly from all my colleague. Why? Atas sebab2 yg terpaksa dirahsiakan. Selain tu, I will be engaged for almost a year b4 we get married. So takut ape2 berlaku di pertengahan jalan. Kami xnak mata2 yang benci & cemburu memandang kami sebelum kami sah sebagai suami isteri..

Yesterday I went 2 a bridal boutique with few of my friends. They already know that I dont want me getting married diketahui org2 ofis. Tapi kenapa salah sorg dr dorg upload gmbr2 mase ktorg pegi bridal 2 kt FB & the other 2 just went along, commenting happily with some other colleague (a guy)? Don't they understand that I don't want the people at my office 2 know? They should know better...i feel betrayed..

The other Mr Fiance. FYI, I will have a minor surgery on February. Nothing much 2 say..but his family penah bwk berubat kampung. I dont know how to say this. Just cut to the chase la.. We had an argument (argument ke??). He don't know/understand how hard it is for me..ok?Its not fair to ask me to do all these stuff without understanding my position or my situation..

Arini sgt sedey...why can't they understand what i'm feeling? =(


  1. Hmmmm....i baca cite u, i turut simpati...apa2 yg dtg sume dugaan dr tuhan... i skg ni pn alami situasi yg sama with HIM dan rs dugaan tu lg dasyat dr dugaan org bertunang/ bercinta..harap u sabar n tabah harungi hari2 mendatang...dekati diri dgn tuhan n muhasabah diri tu penting....AMIN... :)

  2. dear...sabarrr tauuu...tabah menerima segala dugaan ni

  3. tq dear..
    xpela.harap2 kite mampu tabah je xkire ape pn

  4. "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble."

    babe, sabar, sabar, dan sabar.......sume yg terjadik pasti ade hikmahnye k? i'll be there 4 u always... =)

  5. hehe...tq babe..
    jgn risau.i'm okeyy... :)

  6. dear, take care, anggap smua tu ada hikmah disebaliknya yea....

  7. sabar dear, dugaan tak henti-henti menguji kita kan.dr single,engaged,n marriage itself.b strong dear!



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