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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My pre-wedding Photographer

This is a scheduled entry. By the time korg bace entri ni i'm already in KL. Tomorrow (13th Feb 2011) will be my pre-wedding photoshoot. I'm sure korg prsn i haven't mentioned who my photographer is. Hehehe..saye tidak mampu untuk meng'hire' photographer2 terkenal cm CST, Manggis, CandidSyndrome, etc...So let me introduce the photographer! (Copied from his tumblr.hehehehe)

ShaZ is not your everyday ordinary photographer. Having a Degree in Accounting made him a person who can count, and can capture great photos! Teaching himself about photography was not so easy, but thanks to technology, it has helped him a lot.

Meeting new people with various background but has the same passion is also a great help for him in developing his photography skill. He joined KLickr in 2009 and Photography Society of Petaling Jaya (PSPJ) in 2010 and has been actively involved in those two clubs.

ShaZ has been involved in few exhibitions in 2010 and participated in many projects. Currently he is under the Nikon Shooting Stars project, which is said to be completed by November 2010. Besides contributing photography in the art industry, he is also involved in commercialize photography. He has been involved in various events from individual weddings to corporate events.

Just to let you guys know...he's my friend from UiTM Shah Alam!!He's such a great guy. Back in our uni days, we used to take pictures A LOT. and i really mean A LOT as we have 4 talented guys (shaz, jal, nije & afiq) walking around with camera in their hands (kdg2 rase cm kitorg amik fotografi & modelling courses. not accounting.haha..).Here's some of his work. Meh jamu mata jap :

(Credit to Mohd Shazni Zainal.hehehe)

Syara (& her husband) is my fiance's batchmate in UiTM (Bachelor in Accounting's student also!)

She's our friend & batchmate in UiTM. Ida looks lovely..isn't it?

On Ida's solemnization night..

Ida & Sola's Wedding the silhouette!

The picture below is from his trip in Bassel. Stunning!Kan?? :

Other stunning pictures:

To see more of his work you guys can visit here : 
For my pre-wed photoshoot kitorg wat kat UiTM Shah Alam. Where we met. It brings back memories from our uni days!!Photographer pn classmate kt UiTM & i did invite my besties from UiTM to meet me there. Can't wait to recall back our uni days!!!! =)
So..korg doa kan la my pre-wedding nnt turn out CANTEK!!!Harap2 my face xwat hal esok. I'm ssooooooooo not photogenic okeeyyyyy...muke mesti buruk bile amik gmbr.xtau nape..huhu.sedey..hehehehe...
Wish me luck ok? Thanks guys.. =)



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