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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A perfect fit...

A shoe is a girl's statement. For me, my shoes reflect what I'm feeling that day. Try walking in my shoes and you'll understand how I feel! ;)

I'm often impressed by the choice a bride made in choosing her wedding shoes, her perfect fit. Whether it's a red one matching her white gown, a glittering pairs or a simple white stilettos. It brings out the bride's personality, making her own signature wedding fashion statement and even sometimes, her definition of perfect fit just like choosing the perfect one to walk her life with. That is why it is one of the masterpiece which we must capture at every wedding, for it is a once in a lifetime memories of every bride's very own fairy tale, walking down the aisle with her "Cinderella" shoes. :)

Taken from  Love Happens Photography..really love her work!

Will I find My Perfect Fit??

 Credit to Love Happens Photography *wink!*



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