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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pre-wedding Ideas & Tips

Actually saye sendiri tak ade idea utk my pre-wedding photoshoot. Masih blur2..Setelah menggoogle maka dapatla a few tips/ideas. Some of the idea is taken from here (credit to the owner) :

Hobbies and interests

I think we all know that hobby was something that couldn't separate in our life. This activity become great idea for pre wedding photos. For example, if you like traveling, the photography session can be done in a place that the bride and groom have visited and the most memorable.You can both enjoy the shooting & relax yourself at the same time..


I think we never imagine use the profession as an idea for pre wedding photo.But its good to try. For example, if you work as an architect, the background of the photos could be a construction of the building which you had built. If you are a fireman you can take pictures of the fire truck as the background. If you are an office worker, a manager or a director you can act like you're signing the proposal which given by the secretary. The secretary is your fiance. And many more ideas came from the profession. With a mature concept and a unique pose, the result will be totally different. For us, we're both in accounting profession so maybe we can pose as nerdy accountant?hahaha...

Old memories

Your pre wedding photos can be a journey of love for both of you. If you love began from campus, the photograph session can be taken with the background of your campus. You can dressed up like the old days when you holds the status as a students. If you met her in the restaurant or cinema, you can use it as a background. You can complete it with various poses, like candle light dinner or the screaming when you both saw the horror movie. You can remember the most wonderful memories when you first met your other half. This is what we choose to do. We met in UiTM Shah Alam so we'll be having our session there. I hope he stills keep his Student ID so we can prove it in a picture that we both come from there!hehe..

Public area

We can use public area as an alternative for photography session. For example, in the middle of dense traffic, in the busway, in the market, bus stops, bridges or even in the Mall. Pre weding photos which use this idea was very interesting and requires expertise of the photographer.  It is also courage you and your partner to pose and give unique expression in public areas. But I strongly recommend thie for couple who are not shy to act in front of camera & also public as there will be many (I really mean MANY) eyes will be watching bot of you..

Most favorite hangout

Try to remember your favorite places for dinner or the place you both love to hang out. It doesn't matter if its a small restaurant on the corner of the city or just the mamak stall. With skilled photographer and your expression & chemistry, the photo will definitely look amazing!

Adoption of favorite movie

You can take your favorite movie title or the movie scene which has impact for you both. For example, Titanic was the movie you have watched for the first time. You both can act like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet at the edge of the ship or yacht. You can buy or borrow the costumes at the shop the places that rents movies special character. You can learn from poster or re-watch the detailed of your favorite movie with your spouse while thinking back of that beautiful moment.

Black and white theme

In everyday life, we all must be familiar to see the colorful world. The green of grass, the blue of the sky, and the full color of rainbow. But when looking back the art work of black and white photo we can see the strong of tone, texture, and different shapes, combined with no other color interference. Some people say the black and white photo is an illustration of figures from the image. A human being displayed with the innocence. Scars, notch, and the face will appear naturally. Therefore, black and white photos have a high art. We can apply the art of black and white photos into pre wedding photos.And it's classic!

Tips for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot:

  (All pictures taken from Mr Google - credit to the owner)
  • Wear something that you'll both be comfortable in. If you both agree on wearing bridal outfit, then wear it! If you both will be more comfortable in jeans and t-shirt, why not wear it to your photoshoot? After all, if one (or both) of you are not comfortable, it will show in the pictures! And don't forget about the shoes as well!

  • Bring whatever you think might look good (or cute) in your pictures. Some of you can request from the photographer to bring the props but sometimes its better to bring it yourself. You know better what you want in your pictures. You can bring books, soft toys, balloons, umbrella, guitar, etc. 
  • Your pictures can include other people too. There's no rule saying that it must only contain both of you. Why not bring your parents, BFF, friends, siblings,etc to your photoshoot and you can have fun shooting with them (and still be the centre of attention in the pictures)

  • Try to include something that have sentimental value to both of you. Like the shirt he wears when you first met, the ring he used to proposed to you or the first birthday (or anniversary or valentine) cards you make for him. It might look simple but looking back you'll realize the pictures are more meaningful.

  • Try something different. If you're not used to make squirky faces, just do it! If he has never given you flowers before, use flowers as your props! If he's a totally blur guy, make him think hard (and capture the moment)! You'll be amazed at how different (and wonderful) the picture turns out. 

  • Have fun! Don't overthink, don't worry much. Just relax and let the photographer capture you at your most relaxed moments!


  1. Salam perkenalan =)
    Cool idea...i will think about it..hehehehe..
    dah nak shoot pre wed ni....x da idea lagi.

  2. thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!mmg tgh cr idea ni

  3. u r most welcome dear..
    have fun in ur shootnig.. =)



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