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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Promote..promote.. =)

Nak introduce 2 blog which i found out thru other bloggers. Very2 nice..Other b2b..korg leh buy online from them. I recommend sbb dorg ni mmg best!! (and u guys leh mention my name & blog.hihi)

1. Mangosteenskin

Very nice lady..with creative mind. Her handcarved rubber stamp is just i booked my rubber stamp with her.Ramai gak former b2b tempah dari die.. Everything is not finalized yet buy can't wait to see the end product! Mind you..its handcarved!!So don't expect something cheap like your ordinary rubber stamp (RM7 -RM20).Here's some of her work :

2. Its time for Q & A!!

She's a former you guys can order couple pillowcases (very2 sweet) & couple shirt (sesuai utk honeymoon *wink*). Harga quite ok la for me. Tapi utk pillowcases 2 mmg berbaloi2!! Here's the thing :

Saye xdpt commission pun promote dorg nih..just i like to share anything yg i think other b2b will appreciate.. =)



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