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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saye sentap...

Penah x korg jumpe kwn yg sgt selfish? I have. Maybe she doesn't realized how selfish she is..but she is totally S.E.L.F.I.S.H

And she expect me to treat her like a princess...i mean..WTF kan??So..being a revengeful lady, I treat her the way she treat me. And I don't care kalau die sentap or anything. Am i wrong ??

Doesn't she realize that she's not the princess but I AM!! (at least for me, I am.hahaha). So u need to understand...

Oh...and I was thinking of revamping my whole wedding idea....boley x??
I mean, forget everything I ever said I want for my wedding (eh.pnh ke aku cite kt blog ni ek?lupe da.hehe...).I want to create a whole new idea...agak2 Mr Fiance bg x ek?hehehehe.. ;)

P/S : I don't have a NORMAL life. So I hate being normal. I HATE having the same thing as everybody else. *wink*  ;)


  1. huhu~..kenapa dgn kawan nyer 2??:) harap awak sabar eyh:)

    wah nk tukar mcmana 2?:) gudluck mizzunderstood:)

  2. weit...
    nape tuh??? sape2?? che cite.. che cite..?

  3. lovelyadibah : biase la..manusia ni ade mcm2 perangai kn....

    malin : adela..someone ko xknl pn..mmg menyakitkan hati tul..huhu...

  4. Yupppp.. mmg sakit hati kalau ade kawan yg mcm to, i also have too. TAPI... tokyah pikirkan pasal dia, lantak p dia nak wat ape jgn layan...



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