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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 8 - Your opinion on your body and how comfortable you are about it.

I know I don't have a great smashing body. But I'm still proud of myself! =)

Untuk pengetahuan korg..mase skolah dulu saye sgt gemuk. And I'm so ashamed. I'm embarrassed to be who I am. Until 7 years ago..when I met him. Mohd Muzaffar. I'm still fat. And he falls in love with the fat me. With me..And that's why I know that he really loves me for me. Not for something superficial.

Luckily for him...after we're together..I think around a year after..I started to lose weight and become who I am now. I'm still that fat girl. But with less weight.hehehehe..

So if you're reading this boo-boo...thanks. For loving me even when I'm fat. And... NO!I'm not lying to you so jgnla rase tertipu sbb awak kapel ngn budak yg gemuk tapi dapat saye yg skrg ni. Manela saye tau saye nak kurus pas setahun kapel ngn awak!hehehehe ;)

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