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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Effect from my surgery...

As some of you guys know.. I had a (actually two) minor surgery last month. Its just a really2 minor surgery. Really. So sebab die cume minor.. I don't really mind or care so much. Mase baru2 surgery mmg la pantang and all tapi da lame2 sket (especially pas da naik keje) mmg xdpt nak elak la dari mkn mknn yg 'sedap2'. Hehehehehe...

And I'm not someone who feel comfortable letting other people do anything for me especially something yg senang cam angkat dokumen and all ( I know I'm the boss but...what the heck. They're not my slave rite?). And to make things worse..aritu dgn gatalnye saye mengalihkan dressing table sendiri. As a result..... my left hurts. Aritu die cam bengkak. But now da surut da... I know. My bad. Hehehe... *dush!*

Does it really take this long to heal? Its been a month already!! Waaaaaaa..... I really want to go back to gym!! But it hurts to run...huhuhuhu.....And I notice I can't walk in my high heel for too long. Macam semua urat2 bersambung dgn luka 2....pelik la!!!!!!

Ade nasihat2 x camne nak bagi luka ni baik cepat? I want to run again... I want to be active again... I want to be normal again... Huhuuuuuuuuuu...... T.T

P/S : I miss sleeping on my stomach. Dalame xdpt meniarap. If xsengaja termeniarap mase tido mesti sakit sampai terjaga...Ohhhh....The things you take for granted. You will only appreciate something once its gone...


  1. u....jgn mkn byk telo & kicap if nak cpt sembuh

    *doctor ckp time my fren buat surgery dlu*

  2. minum air pati haruan kot..
    bgus utk luka2 pas surgery....tok aku amalkan...huhuuu

  3. bykkan berehat:) dan macam malynd ckp..makan pati haruan:)insyaALLAH!:)



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