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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Saye tau entri before ni wat ramai tertanya2 and risau and pelik (perasan je lah! mcm la org amik tau sgt! hehehehe...)

Just for the record... Don't worry k guys? I'm OK.... It's just that I will stop my wedding preparation. So I will not be doing any wedding preparation for myself (so you won't hear any stories about my wedding preparation anymore). BUT.... I will keep on blogging. Because I love this community. I love this world... And I still love wedding!! *winks!*

I love to read other b2b's blog (and other bloggers too!). Love to hear your preparation, your stories, your life, your love... So.. PEACE k? Hehehe...

P/S : thanks intan.. =)


  1. am i spread out the negative vibes here? haha.seems like everyone started to keep low abt the wedding preps.hehe.

  2. nadya : ade la problem sket..hehehe
    lisa : its not ur fault la dear...mungkin tgh musim stress kot?haha ;)



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