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Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy 7 years Boo!!!

WARNING : Entri hari ni ditujukan khas buat En. Mohd Muzaffar (Mr. Fiance) dan boleh buat korg semua muntah darah so pada siapa2 yg ada alergic reaction kepada entri ni sila click pada tanda pangkah ( X ) di bahagian atas sebelah kanan anda. Hehehe....

Korg nampak tak ticker kat atas 2? Bukan.. bukan yang "119 days until my wedding day" tuuuuu....Tapi tickers yang ni :
We have been together for...7 years!!!!

Hari ini (15 Julai 2011) genaplah 7 tahun kami bersama. 7 freakin' years!! How time flies..... I was just barely 17 back then. And he's only 19. Now both of us are already 24 and 26. We're so damn old now. Hahaha.. Boo.. I know sometimes you stalk my blog. Hehe. So here it goes.....

Dear Mr Fiance,
Its been 7 years now. How have you been? Have you ever been happy with me? Have you had any regrets? I wish I know what's on your mind. I wish I understand how you feel about us. But I don't and I can't so here's what I feel about us..

I met you 7 years ago when I was still lost and carrying a lot of baggage (emotionally and physically). I was down with low self-esteem and keep hiding behind a mask. But suddenly you came. It wasn't love at first sight. It wasn't a fairytale story where a prince came and save the princess while they fall in love along the way. It was just a story. Of us..

It took me 6 months to convince myself that I LIKE you.  You're a nice guy with stunning pair of eyes. Yes. Your weird eyes and big nose. Hehe. And it took me another 2 years to fall in love with you.For real. And yes. I'm a slow lover ;P

Dear Mr Fiance,

There might be times when you're tired, annoyed or just plain hate me. I know because I feel the same way too. But there's also times when I'm happy, smiling and missing you. Do you? I'm not perfect. I'm just an ordinary  girl (with not so ordinary life). So every little things you do can left a big impression (or scar) on me.

I love the way you hold my hands, I love the way you make me laugh, I love the way you accompany me when I'm going through surgery, I love the way you think of all the small things and missed out the big ones (sometimes). I also love the way you makes me mad, I love the way you irks me sometimes, I love the way you ignore me and I love the way I hate you sometimes.

I do not fall in love with you knowing you're a good guy with a nice face (and stunning eyes). I do not fall in love with you knowing you will turn out great. I fall in love with you without any reason. I might not say it sometimes but I will still love you 50 years from now when your hair is grey and your face is saggy and your stomach is bloated (provided you did not leave me for any other woman lah kan?hehe). But will you?

Dear Mr Fiance,

Thank you for being with me when I'm down, when I'm sad, when I'm happy, when I'm nice, when I'm bad, when I'm mean, when I'm crazy, when I'm just ME. I know there's a (lot of) times when I crossed my boundaries and makes you mad (like REAL MAD). But thank you for not abandoning me the way others had. And for forgiving me each time.

I do not know whether you're "The One". You are my Mr Right or just Mr Right Now. But I know that I do love you. And I want to spend my life with you and I want to build my future with you. Insyaallah...

Thank you for giving me the best 7 years of my life... =)

(and may Allah give us the chance to celebrate 70 years more)


  1. waa..da 7 thn..semoga berkekalan smpai akhir hayat ye =)

  2. jeles!

    huda tak tercapai misi 7thn
    terputus masa 6thn

    anyway semoga bahagia selama nya
    dan berkekalan hingga ke hayat satu lagi


  3. nice! xlama dah tu, 119 hari lg, pastu bersatu... heheheheh

  4. syahdu aku bace entry ko kali nih...heheh...happy 7th anniversary for me tooo!! 10.07.2011..
    anyway, selamat maju jaya ye...especially for ur wedding day!! nk mintak tolong, juz tell me babehhhh...

  5. nida-razak & Huda Luna : tq dearie... =)

    intan : 119 days...errrrkkkkk *nerveous* hehehe

    malynd : yes!happy 7th anniversary too my twinz!! and thank u.jgn risau.aku xkan malu2 nak menyusahkan ko.hahaha

  6. dear, mana tunang saya pun ada muzaffar eeheheh

  7. oh ye????confirm bukan org yg same kn??hehehehe ;)

  8. bukan senang nak capai lama cmtu..congratulation..

  9. sweet...I know that its not easy to maintain a relationship for so long..many people should be proud of urself and ur fiance because it takes two to make the relationship work ;)



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