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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Malam hari...

another 8+ days until our wedding day...not much progress. not in the mood for that right now.well.i'm not sure how i feel right now. lets see :
  1. things my life. and its hard as i can't talk to anyone about it.not even my bestfriend. and its hard pretending i'm happy in front of everyone everyday. Mr Fiance knew what i'm going through but he never went through all these drama so i doubt that he understands. I've been through this a few times already and i'm really sick and tired of it. Like really sick and tired. Sometimes I wish we could just run away from all this and never come back.
  2. My dad dah keluar hospital. Thanks for those who wished him well..He's now recuperating at home. I just hope we could celebrate Hari Raya as normal as we could.
  3. I don't know how or what I feel about Mr Fiance right now... OMG. Am I having cold feet right now? Hehe..NO.I'm not. But I don't feel anything. I don't get mad if he doesn't call everyday. I don't sulk if he did something wrong. I don't get jealous when he upload other girl's photo on FB. I don't feel like how I used to feel back then. That's not normal..isn't it?


  1. semua tu dugaan dear....yg penting mintak petunjuk daripada Allah..insyallah ye...amin! ;)

  2. nape yang? nak cite2 kat aku ke? aku sedia dengar..sabo erkkk...

  3. kaklong & malynd_anggun : hehe..tq babes.. :)



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