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Friday, August 12, 2011

My Long Distance Relationship

Selalu orang cakap Long Distance Relationship (LDR) ni susah, banyak cabaran, kene banyak bersabar, kene trust each other. For us we've been together for 7 years. Almost 5 years near each other and 2 years apart.. What do I think of my LDR?

Sometimes I wish we had LDR right from the beginning. Sometimes I wish we did not. But still...I don't think it is that bad. I like our LDR. It gives us perspective. Of what we want in our life and whether we're compatible for each other. It gives us enough space without the need to suffocate or too much distance with each other.

What do I think of my LDR?

It sucks. But still...I'm having the time of my life!! And we still feel like we're not that far apart with the technology all around us. Hey. There's FB, Twitter, Blog, YM and Skype..rite? ;)


  1. hey!
    same here!
    almost 7 years together, 5years++ LDR and alhamdulillah after all the gaduh-merajuk-jeles-rindu,we are now engaged... :)

  2. Kalau jofoh tk kemana... Klau dkt tp susah nk kuar date pun sama cam LDR jugak.hehe

  3. aku 7 taun wehh jaouhh..even da kawen pun still BEST jugak! rindu2an..kalo jumpe, best kot! oopss!! gataiiii! hahah



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