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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

To Do in 35 Days...

This is MY Reminder. These are the things that I remember (for now) :
  1. TOP PRIORITY! Legal documents (takde ni mane leh kawen. D'uh! Hehe)
  2. 1.2k doorgift to wrap + 3k to put into paperbags + 300pcs VVIP + 30pcs VVIP doorgift
  3. Buy 300pcs VIP doorgift + 500pcs candies for kids 
  4. 40 Rozette for penanggah
  5. Hantaran deco
  6. 30pcs table centrepiece + 5 VVIP table centrepiece
  7. Bunting / Banner / Signage (Design & printing)
  8. VVIP Invitation card 
  9. Collect address / pos invitation card / hantar by-hand
  10. Guestbook / Guestbook corner
  11. Fitting wedding outfit + finalize design & little details + pay balance
  12. Remind + visit OP
  13. Confirm on homestay
  14. Make sure baju melayu biru itu siap (Remind Mr Fiance)
  15. Finish DIY beadings on solemnization outfit
  16. Survey henna (ke pakai inai je xyah design2? Hmmmmmmmmm.....)
  17. Decide on family's theme colour for bertandang
  18. Prepare bride's Emergency Kit
  19. Finish DIY Fabric Handbouquet
  20. Finalize & prepare itinerary for wedding day (To give to emcee)
  21. Kemas bilik + deco for bilik pengantin 
  22. Buy deco for wedding day (bila eh nak pegi shopping nih?)

Perlukah aku cuak sekarang? Macam banyak plak eh? Heheehehe... Takpe2. Slow and steady... Huhuhu~ 

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