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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our plan for next week...sort of..

I could literally die of exhaustion! Huhu.....But its life..huh?Just smile and went through it! ;D

20th January - Take bus to KL (9.40am)
21st January - Bertolak ke Terengganu with Mr Hubbee & Parents-in-law.
22nd January - Bertolak ke Kelantan. Attend wedding there (sedara Mr Hubbee)
23rd January - Balik KL
24th January - Balik JB (8.20pm)
25th January - Keje. Audit ISO 9001
26th January - Keje.Audit ISO 9001. At night bertolak ke KL
27th January - Depart ke Krabi. Flight 1.30pm
28th January - Krabi
29th January - Krabi
30th January - Depart from Krabi to KL. Flight 12.30pm
31st January - Back to JB

Should I continue this list?? ;)

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