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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

He's acting weird...

My hubbee has been acting weird these 3 days. He never (I mean NEVER EVER) bother about me during working hours. Usually I’m the only one bothering him,texting,calling,emailing…but not him. I exist in his world AFTER working hours..

But these 2 days he keep replying to my text (weird), replying back and forth my emails (weirder) and actually tell me he’s bored at work (W.E.I.R.D!!). To my surprise, he even email me these pictures! (Which made me laugh instantly)

And this morning suddenly I receive a text message saying “Luv u much”.What’s wrong with him??Of course I’m touched.Of course I’m happy..but he seems weird to me..

And..oh ya!He told me last nite he dream that someone told him I was dead.So…yeah.Maybe when he realize he COULD loose me then he IS nicer to me. So typical!! ;p

A few things to share:
  • I've opened a new blog under wordpress. Because it is easier to update using my BB. Hehe...But I will continue this blog. This is my first baby blog. But the other blog will be a place where I share my most personal and deep secret. Where I share my day-to-day life. This blog is all about 'The Journey'... ;D
  • A lot of things happens during my 4 months marriage. But I'm too busy to update. Summary of it : Missing Photographer, Major Marriage Issues, Health Issues, Life After Marriage & Why? (Tak membantu langsung summary ni. Hahaha)
  • I know I still owe a lot of wedding review and also Krabi review. Will do. Will do...once I'm back on business. Keh3...
  • I'm in dire need of vacation!! But still have 3 more weeks to survive. Haissshhhh!!!! Wish me luck guys... :(


  1. KAHKAHKAHKAH.over tak baru perasan that you have your own blogspot?

    pity me.btw tak sangka rupanya akauntan ponkaki menulis kot? :D

  2. Oh nooeeeee...why tyha why?why must u found me??kehkehkeh..sbnrnye xde intention pn nk bg colleague tau psl blog ni.maluuuuuuu...

    Hey..akauntan pn perlu release stress tau!aku sbnrnye lg suka merepek kt blog dr buat akaun!hahahaha.. (Jgn bitau bos kau ye.ampuuuunnnnnn.keh3...)

  3. hahaah comel your hubby..hope my hubby will do the same after die mimpi i dh xde nanti :) tp i pernah mimpi die kawen lain..which i sangat sedih~

  4. Hehehe..i pun penah mimpi yg sama!But before kawin la. Tiba2 mimpi dia da kawin, ada anak lelaki umur 2thn...bgn2 tido terus mrh2 dia sebab xle beza mimpi dgn real world.hahahaha... ;p



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