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Thursday, May 10, 2012



Synopsis :

Four expectant couples learn that having a baby is anything but predictable in this uplifting romantic comedy based on Heidi Murkoff's ubiquitous best-seller. A household name thanks to her popular fitness show, Jules (Cameron Diaz) can't contain her excitement after learning she is about to have a baby with Evan (Matthew J. Morrison), the sure-footed star of a popular TV dance program. But the closer Jules gets to her due date, the more she and Evan realize the demands of parenthood and the responsibilities of a celebrity couldn't be more different. Meanwhile, outspoken infant-advice author Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) contends with surging hormones as her belly begins to swell, and her devoted husband Gary is shell-shocked to discover that his overbearing father's trophy wife will soon be having twins. Of course not everyone is cut out to be a father, and as professional photographer Holly (Jennifer Lopez) prepares to scour the globe for a child to adopt, her reluctant husband Alex gets his first glimpse of fatherhood in a brutally honest support group for new dads. And while some parents spend years preparing for the right moment to have a child, feuding food-truck owners Rosie (Anna Kendrick) and Marco (Chace Crawford) get the surprise of their lives when an impulsive act of passion has permanent repercussions.

Aku pernah dengar pasal buku "What to Expect When You're Expecting" ni. Its a book about pregnancy health,issues,etc...Tak sangka plak boleh jadi filem. Sure byk scene2 lawak related to pregnancy especially utk Daddy to Be! Tak sabar nak ajak Mr Hubbee tgk cite ni. Heeeeeeeeeee........ ;D

Let's see more of their poster!

Mungkin Mr H & hubby kpd geng2 M2B ku yg lain akan jadi begini pada satu hari nanti. Keh3..... ;P


  1. kaaann??? lepas ni hubby2 kite bwk stroller n baby je apabila mommies nak gathering ngn kwn..kih3..sooooo sweetttt.jum tgk wehh...tersama pulak post bende nih kn? hahah...naluri same la kite...naluri keibuan kunun..kah3...

  2. cheQmOomOo : kan?kan?jom tgk!hehe... ;)

    malynd_anggun : hahaha...aku da terbaca psl muvi ni dalame la xmenyempat nak up entry. skali baru je aku click publish dpt notification fb ko.hahahaha...tersama plak.hehe..mmg nak tgk.tggu free nanti wajib tgk! ;D

  3. Dgr2 13hb da start pre-screening movie next week da ade la kot

  4. MESTI LIHAT NI... dah la sejak pregnant x penah berwayang2 lagi.. kali ni, ada sbb kukuh knpa kna p wayang.. comel!

  5. nak tengokkk~~~nk tunggu husben balik outstation n pakse die teman tgk cite ni..hopefully ade rezeki kami lepas tu :)

  6. hayati hashim : samela...semenjak preggy mcm xde mood nk tgk muvi. tapi yg ni wajib tgk!hehe

    choclairissa@intan marliana : insyaallah dear..mudah2an ada rezeki u lepas tgk muvi ni.amik berkat.hehe... :)



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