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Monday, July 16, 2012

SOLD OUT!5 in 1 Diaper Bag & Carter's Diaper Bag at Wholesale Price!

 *ORDER CLOSED! Da tak amik order lagi yea...sorry... *

Anyone interested in buying these bag with me?? Nak beli wholesale ni.. Sila email ASAP kalau berminat.

 Carter's Pink

 Carter's Blue






PRICE = RM 55.00 (SOLD OUT!)
DEPOSIT = RM 45.00
*Postage estimated RM 10.00
ETA = 1-2 weeks after closed order. I will announce bila da cukup orang/quantity utk beli wholesale. Kalau xcukup orang pun I will inform you guys..k? :)

Interested? Email me :
*Pls mention yg korang nak bag yg mana & include ur phone no k?Senang nak contact in case korg tak reply email. Thanks...

P/S : I will be away for a few days. Will reply to your email/comments via BB only.

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