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Thursday, October 04, 2012

HypnoBirthing : Preparation before labour...

Sambungan kepada entry sebelum ni "Introduction to HypnoBirthing...". Kali ni aku sentuh sikit pasal apa yg m2b boleh buat as a preparation sebelum bersalin. Bear in mind yg teknik2 ni dari oversea ye.. Aku akan relate dengan norma2 dan terma2 hidup kita as a Muslim & also as a Malaysian...boleh?

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Hypnobirthing is the act of training your mind using positive suggestions and “self hypnosis” to relieve pain and create a gentle and loving birth.

There are some techniques that you can begin mastering right now without taking hypnobirthing classes. They can be as simple as focusing on positives instead of negatives. Quit watching movies and TV shows that depict birth as being a horrible painful and dangerous act and start watching natural childbirth videos of real woman birthing their babies naturally. Create an imaginary bubble of protection that acts to shield you from absorbing the harmful energy from women you may meet that insist on telling you negative birth stories.

Hypnobirthing Scripts

Hypnobirthing scripts are used to introduce positive messages directly to your subconscious mind. This is something they call self hypnosis.

How it works is you commit to a daily practice of setting time aside to lie down and relax allowing your mind and body to completely rest and fall into a meditative state. In this state of deep relaxation your subconscious mind becomes open to suggestions. Your partner reads to you hypnobirthing scripts that contain positive suggestions about giving birth such as: “Your body was made to give birth to your baby perfectly”. They are only suggestions though. It is up to you to choose to accept them.

(Aku buat benda ni before tido. Sebab ni masa paling relax sekali utk aku...Oleh sebab aku ni LDR maka Mr Hubbee takde utk tolong so aku terpaksa lah buat sendiri. Hehe...Setiap malam, baring atas katil, relax....amik masa 5-10mnt sampai korg rasa betul2 tenang. Sambil tu cakap pada diri sendiri & baby... "Aku mampu bersalin sendiri, normal, tanpa bantuan ubat2an/drugs,without medical complication, etc.... Baby kuat, baby sihat, baby mampu hadapi birthing process tu, baby akan lahir without trauma, etc....". Cakap je everything yg positive.)

In addition to Positive Suggestion Hypnobirthing Scripts there are also regular clearing sessions that use hypnobirthing scripts to assist you in releasing negative or dangerous thoughts so that they don’t manifest themselves into harmful emotions such as fear and self doubt, which can prevent your body from relaxing and opening properly during birth.

When you allow yourself to accept the suggestion that birth is positive, wonderful and empowering an amazing transformation begins to happen. You develop great faith, trust and love in your body and the natural birthing process, and trust in your body and baby’s ability to work together with it perfectly. All of the negative ideas, fears, worries and self doubts can be replaced with calm surrender, confidence, love and trust in the upcoming birth of your baby.

(Macam aku, apa yang aku buat is...sentiasa berfikiran positif. Takut mmg ada tapi aku sentiasa fikir camni... "Kalau perempuan lain boleh buat, kenapa aku tak boleh?". Sebagai muslim, kita kena sentiasa yakin yang Allah jadikan perempuan ni makhluk yg istimewa. Sebab tu kita mampu lahirkan seorg lagi insan dalam dunia ni. Setiap kejadian Allah tu pasti ada keistimewaan masing2. Yakin dgn kuasa Allah... Allah yg menentukan segala2nya. Bukan doktor or sesiapa je. Tak kisah lah orang cakap apa pun...Kuasa Allah menandingi segala2nya)

Hypnobirthing CDs

Hypnobirthing CDs follow the same basic concept as the hypnobirthing scripts. Most of them are listened to and absorbed by the subconscious mind while you are in a relaxed meditative state. They assist in rearranging your beliefs to focus on positives.

Hypnobirthing CDs are handy to use on your own when your partner isn’t available. Sometimes there are also CDs that you can listen to in the background while doing housework and other things. There are also hypnobirthing CDs which can be listened to during your actual birthing time that act as a reminder to open yourself, flow with the birth, and relax deeply while you calmly and peacefully birth your baby.

(Sebagai muslim maybe better kalau kita gantikan HypnoBirthing CD ni dgn zikir,doa, alunan Al-Quran. Kita amik konsep yg sama which is kita sentiasa dengar setiap hari. Bila kita xbaca sendiri zikir, doa or surah2 Al-Quran...kita dengar dari mp3, radio, etc...Contohnya masa drive kereta, tgh buat keje kat ofis, sebelum tido....dgr sampai tertido pun takpe)

How To Use Hypnobirthing Techniques To Make a Positive Difference In Your Pregnancy and Birth

Shift your focus, always choose positives – It is always your choice what you choose to focus on and accept. Be conscious of not allowing negative ideas to creep into your thoughts about birth. They can seriously disrupt and harm your positive mindset. Instead focus on allowing only positive feelings and ideas to be accepted, so that when it is time for you to birth your baby you can be free from all negative emotional disruptions and able to remain calm, focused, relaxed and confident. In this peaceful state of acceptance and surrender pain is rarely experienced because the Momma is able to completely open and relax her mind and body. You should also start rearranging the way you speak to avoid using negative phrases. It is always better to focus on and say positives such as “relax” instead of “stop tensing up”. Sometimes just hearing the word “tense up” can make us tense up where hearing the word “relax” can help us to relax.

Practice remaining calm and relaxed - Begin making the stressful situations in your life work for you instead of against you. When you are standing in a long line, or in a crowded airport, or you’re stuck in traffic, late for work, or bombarded with gossiping nannies telling stories of 20 lb babies being ripped out of them, use this potentially stressful situation as an opportunity to practice remaining calm, peaceful, and in control. If you can perfect this exercise then when your birthing time arrives it will be easier for you to transform birth from a potentially stressful situation into an opportunity to practice remaining calm focused relaxed and confident.

Create your bubble of protection - Even if you’ve vowed to stop polluting your mind with the horrible Hollywood images of births gone wrong, and have made an effort to surround yourself with only positive people, you still run the risk of falling victim to unwanted negative advice and birth horror stories. If you allow these horrible thoughts to enter into your mind they can act as a dangerous poison that eats away at your confidence and spoils your potential. You can prevent this from happening by creating an imaginary bubble of protection around your entire body and especially around your baby. Whenever you hear an unwanted opinion just imagine it bouncing right off of your bubble and disappearing into the distance. Only allow positive feelings and ideas to penetrate your bubble.

Baiklah murid2.....nanti kite sambung lg kelas HypnoBirthing ni ok?Adehhhh...byk pulak kelas HypnoBirthing ni kan? Jgn korg bosan dah la. Hehehe...

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