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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I miss him...

I miss that guy...

Who would listen to me rambling weird things..
Who would be with me when I'm lonely.......
Who would agree with me when I'm right and argue with me when I'm wrong.. 
Who would surprise me every now and then...

I miss that guy..
Who would 'korekkan' isi kelapa for me to eat..
Who would finish my unfinished meals...
Who would left his food for me to 'taste'..
Who would ask me every 10 minutes if I want to eat..

I miss that guy..
Who would massage my feet at night..
Who would accompany me going shopping though he really hates it..
Who would point out my flaws and hide my strength..
Who would jokes around so much it's annoying..

I miss that guy..
Who would do every little things for me..
Yet do everything with me..

I miss that guy..
Who still treats me like I'm his girlfriend..
Who still annoys me like I'm his fiance..
Who still be responsible for me like I'm his wife..
Who still care for me like I'm the mother of his child..
And yet still love me like I'm his soul...

I miss that guy...

Mohd Muzaffar Bin Mat Alias...
Happy 11th Monthlyversary..

Just another month and it will be a year since we've become husband and wife..
And we'll be a proud parents to a cute baby.. Insyaallah...


  1. terharu u i nak mengalir air mata (drama..)..=)

    1. haha...ini entry emo wife PJJ...drama lebih.hehehe... ;D



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