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Thursday, November 01, 2012

November, Please be nice to me...

Waiting for 9th November to arrive soon... Missing Mr H already.... T_T

I know some of you might say.. "Eleh, seminggu je. Laki org lain outstation berbulan2....". Yes. I know. I know how LDM works. I'm in one. But this is different. I'm waiting for Little Baby's arrival while Mr H is 10,000miles away! I might not be this weak if it's not because I'm in my 37weeks already!

If Allah states that I will deliver Little Baby during this week, I might have to go through labor alone. Do you know how scary & lonely that feels?I don't have Mom anymore. So Mr H is my only strength right now. Most of you have your Mom by your side. But I don't! So you can't judge me because you're not in my shoes!

P/S : Entry emo isteri yang kena tinggal. You will find these kind of entry(ies) during this few weeks/days. Dinasihatkan supaya tidak membuka blog ini selama 1-2 minggu sehingga tuan punya blog kembali normal. Keh3.... ;p


  1. sabar erk dik insya allah baby akan lahir mase abahnya ada disisi ibunya, AMIN

  2. adoyai!
    sabar k!
    harap baby baik2 aja..



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