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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Our Stockholm Syndrome... Pt 1

Huaaa....makin lama makin kurang mengupdate blog. Rindu jugak nak berblog tapi masa tak mengizinkan. Huhu. Terlanjur ada masa free ni update sikit lah. Sadis tgk blog nih macam tak bertuan. Hehehehe.. BTW..entri ini ber´sponsor´. I feel obligated to promote Sweden sebab...dah tu keje aku. Keh3... So korg baca je lah ye?? ;)

Last week the 3 of us went to Stockholm, Sweden as I had to attend a training there. Mr Hubbee & Lil Jr tag along. All I can say is.. Sweden (or lebih tepat lagi Stockholm) is VERY3 EXPENSIVE!! First of all, my flight & accommodation is provided by Embassy of Sweden (my employer). We just had to bought a return ticket for Mr Hubbee & Lil Jr. That cost us around RM5k. We had to take a transit in Amsterdam. But sadly, the customs are VERY2 strict with us. We had to take off our coats, shoes, open our bags and explain why we had a thermos with hot water although I was wearing Lil Jr the whole time in front of them! Turns out, we missed our flight from Amsterdam to Stockholm and had to wait for the next (available) flight.

Lil Jr yg tersadai kepenatan after 13hours flight from KL-Amsterdam

To make things worse, Justin Bieber had a concert at Stockholm that week so all the flights to Stockholm was fully booked! We only managed to catch the 5pm flights after 6hours of waiting!Demm yuuu justin bibir! Kesian my Lil Eusoff tahu??!! When we arrived at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm... Another bad news! Our bag was missing!! The people at the airport gave us 3 ´survival bag´& promised to deliver our bag to the hotel once they found it. So we just went straight to the hotel sebab badan dah penat gila dah masa tu. Diaper Eusoff dalam hand carry baggage dala cukup2 makan je. Cuak jugak. Keh3... Oh ye. We went to the hotel from airport naik taxi which cost us 520SEK or roughly RM250! There´s a cheaper alternatives macam amik bus (Flygbussarna), train (Arlanda Express), Commuter trains (SL) or Long-distance trains (SJ or Tågkompaniet). Another expensive alternatives? Rent a car or hire a helicopter (ada berani?keh3..).

This is where we´re staying. Here´s a few pictures of the hotel :

 The left is our hotel building. The right is Hotel Diplomat´s building. It´s right in front of the river.
 This is our room. With the river view. Such a beautiful scenery!!
The way to our room. Cantik kan??
I´m not an architect but all I can say is... I fell in love with Stockholm´s architecture!!!! The city is VERY3 BEAUTIFUL & BREATHTAKING!!! Walaupun Stockholm adalah sejuk nak mati, tapi cantik gila!! Ok. Ni aku bagi tgk gambar2 yg sempat kitorg snap sepanjang kat sana. Nanti ada masa aku update lagi about Stockholm..ok?
 Berzelli Park or Kungstragarden?? Lupa dah. Hehe..
 At the Old City (Gamla Stan)
In front our hotel building..
 Ok. Dah. Cukuplah tu. Kang korg muntah plak tgk gambar byk sgt. Hehehe... Ada masa aku update lg yeee... ;)


  1. wow bestnya bercuti! AHHH XSBR NK TGU our next vacation.

    1. haha.. i xcuti.i training.hubby je yg bercuti...

  2. untungla keje ngan org sweden.. :P

    1. da allah bg rezeki weyh.jgn ditolak!keh3..



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