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Friday, May 31, 2013

Baby item open for pre-order..NOW!Harga borong!! :)

Aku nak bukak order utk beberapa barang ni. Sape2 yg berminat sila email aku secepat mungkin ye... Ni item2 yg available sekarang. Nanti aku tambah lagi kalau ada item2 lain...

* All items are on pre-order basis. ETA end of June (maybe earlier or later depending on supplier). Deposit are needed to secure your order. Postage will be calculated based on total item´s weight.

You can visit my facebook page : Mizz Shopaholixx or go to this album for updated items.... Or...Email me for more info :

Phone no : 016-7224672 (text,whatsapp,viber, & line only. please don´t call as I may not be able to anwer your call right away)
The Cuties & pals Luggage and Backpack

Only 4 design available : Ladybug, Penguin, Dinosaur & Bee
Pre-order only. ETA end of June. But will inform if items arrive earlier or later than estimated.
Price (excluding postage) :
Luggage = RM180. Deposit = RM130
Bagpack = RM50. Deposit = RM30
Set = RM210 only!!! Deposit = RM140 
17" (34 x 51 x 23cm)
Dimention : 464 x 31 x 25cm 
13" (32 x 27 x 13cm)
Material : ABS / Polycarbonated mix, Nylon
Baby Bean Bag
*Bean bag only.Without the filling

Price = RM 105.00 excluding postage
Deposit = RM 70.00
Giraffe Rack
Price = RM150.00 excluding postage
Deposit = RM100
Weight = App. 8kg


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  1. cute sangat2 beg baru lepas beli trunki.kopak kejap hahah tunggu baby besar nak beli beg gini



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