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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pre-order for Monopod+Holder for RM60 (inc. postage)!!

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Kepada mak2 yang gila #selfie macam aku. Atau anak2 dara yag rajin bergambor ramai2.. Atau mereka2 yang suka travel / backpackers... Atau engkorang2 yang berangan nak GoPro tapi xmampu nak beli (mcm aku la tu. Hehe)..Korang nak join tak kalau aku bukak pre-order untuk #monopod ni? #Monopodmurah je... Monopod ni include holder utk phone ye. Tapi size paling besar utk Note 3 je la. Ipad, Tab, Ipad mini tak muat ye.. Harap maklum. Hehehe...

P/S: Shutter utk iphone/android pun ade. Tapi harga lain laaaa...


Photographs capture beautiful memories of the people and places you love, more importantly- the moments that made you smile. However, sometimes you want to take group/couple shots but couldn’t find anyone around OR you are just to shy to ask for help. Say you brave up your courage to ask for help but the shot doesn't meet your standard and you know how precious this moment is.

Fret not… Keep these moments alive by snapping a clear, precise image along with your background without having to strain your arms or trouble others!

Specification & Features:

Self-Taking Camera Stand
Hassle-free solution to narrow lens or self-taken photography
Take couple / group shots without the need for passerby’s help and as much as you like
Portable- lightweight, retractable
Easy mount on
Adjustable angle and length
Compatible with standard digital compact cameras
Approximate specifications:
Length: 22~94cm (Adjustable)
Weight: 110g
Available in Black/Blue/Pink color
Include phone holder

Price RM60 including postage.

Pre-order basis only. Stock will arrive estimated by End of February.

Interested? Please email me :
*Please indicate nak warna apa sekali ye..*
Thank you!! :)



  1. Salam..dh follow awak..thanks ye
    Menarik ni..Klu jln sorang2..xpayah nk cari org tlg amik gambar



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