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Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm not celebrating Father's Day. But still.. thank you.

Untuk Mr Hubbee, Encik Mohd Muzaffar Mat Alias..

Thank you
For these past 2 days

Thank you for not bringing up Father's Day
Thank you for understanding why I won't care
Thank you for not even mentioning your present
Thank you for just being there

Thank you for doing some of the housework
Because you know I don't have the energy anymore
Thank you for not asking me to cook
Even though I know you wanted me to

Thank you for letting me sleep early these days
And thank you for waking up for our son everynight
Thank you for sharing our house chores
And thank you for not complaining when I skipped mine, of course

I may not be the best wife
I may not be the perfect companion
But still.. thanks for everything you've done
And thank you
For being the best father to our son

Happy Father's Day, boo..
This may be a bit late
But I love you.
And thanks for loving me too!! :)

P/S : May Allah grant us love & happiness till Jannah. I'm looking forward to spending my old days with you. Please keep being my Imam & guide me. I pray to Allah that we both live a long life in Iman. And may Allah bless our little small family!!

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